Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Hat Tip to the Best

I, like many in Massachusetts have been a Red Sox fan my entire life. My dad and grandfather taught me what it was to be a Sox fan; to love Fenway Park and Dwight Evans, to hate Bucky Bleeping Dent, and revere Peter Gammons. My dad always told me that if I wanted to get the most accurate, cutting edge stories about the Red Sox, I should read Gammon's Sunday column in the Boston Globe. And I did. Every week. Gammons was a fantastic writer, who never seemed to have any agenda in his columns like other Boston Columnists like Ron Borges and Dan Shaugnessy. He knew the players, understood how the team was run, and made all of this accessible to the public. If any rumor was being whispered, if there was a problem in the clubhouse, if there was a big trade in the works, Gammons always knew about it.

Gammo left the Globe when ESPN made him an offer to be a host on Baseball Tonight, working beside neanderthal John Kruk and whomever else ESPN threw in the booth. He wrote weekly columns for ESPN.com, and continued to be an ambassador of the game. When blogs rip Boston media, and Boston fans, they bow in reverence to Gammons, because they understand what Bostonians knew for years; Gammons is the tits. A few years ago when Gammons had a stroke, I took it personally, like it was one of my own relatives, as pathetic as that sounds.

Now Gammons is going on to the MLB network, leaving ESPN after Winter Meetings. This is a great opportunity for Gammons, and another great personality leaves the World Wide Leader. This also gives me absolutely no reason to ever watch Baseball Tonight ever again, which honestly is totally fine with me. Yet lovely media monolith Comcast charges extra for that channel, which I don't want to buy, so for now sweet king as you ride off into the abyss of premium cable land. (with my girl Hazel Mae)

Post Script: Looks like Gammo is working for NESN too...AWESOME

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