Saturday, December 12, 2009

Harvard is superior to Boston College in every way (except hockey)

Yes, it happened again. Boston College's basketball team lost to Harvard on Wednesday. Go ahead, laugh, snicker, ask the question I have been torturing myself with for the past three days "HOW THE HELL DID THIS TEAM LOSE TO HARVARD TWO YEARS IN A FUCKING ROW??" Just three days before, BC had beaten Miami who hadn't lost a game, and two days before Michigan who started the season ranked #17 in the country. True, BC was playing without their best player but this loss is as inexcusable as the loss to Northern Illinois (who I didnt know had a team until BC lost to them).

This is one of those losses that ties you up and has sex with your girlfriend while you watch. Harvard? A team of trust fund babies, beat Boston College, who was in the NCAA tourney last year. God damn it. The worst part is their fans in celebration had their butler bring them some tea and crumpets while they laughed at the poor people in Harvard Square.

Now it's on to Rhode Island, the team that Smarty Barrett claims is the best in the nation. Bar none, better than Kansas and Kentucky. Well, maybe not. We both will be at the game tomorrow, and I will be updating all the insanity on twitter. Make sure to check it out!


ballamiguel said...

I think you meant "tea and strumpets".

Brian said...

Also, I think you meant Northern Iowa. Ha.