Monday, November 30, 2009

One of these guys is playing the Patriots tonight

Honestly I haven't been this excited for a game since, well ok two weeks ago when we played the Colts. Again the Patriots are playing an undefeated team on the road, and again I have this gut feeling that they could pull it off. I have nothing personal against the Saints, they are a fun team to watch, Drew Brees is the shit, and Marques Colston saved my fantasy team like three years ago. Plus they gave BC alum JoLunn Dunbarr a job, which I like. Two great cities going head to head let's take out the tale of the tape:

Gumbo vs. Clam Chowder: I love love love Cajun food, nothing kicks ass more than eating a food with spice and flavor and thats what they have down there. Plus I am lactose intolerant, so eating New England Clam Chowder gives me the worst case of diaherrea. YUM!
Edge: New Orleans

Rap Music
Lil Wayne vs House of Pain(?). Now if I opened this up to music in general it would be a little closer, but I am a fan of the Hip Hop Music. Lil Wayne is incredible, loves the purple drank, and is heading to jail for a year. House of Pain blows.
Edge: New Orleans

Accent: Bostonians sound pretty stupid when they drop and add R's indiscriminately, and have created words like "wicked" and "bubblah". New Orleans have taken the english language bent it over and had their way with it. With words that are completely ludicrious like "maw maw" (grandmother) and YAMAMMA'N'EM the New Orleanians have stomped the language to death.
Edge: Draw

The Girls

New Orleans has some of the hottest pieces of ass from all over the country who flock down to Mardi Gras to show off their boobies and make out. Well at least thats what Girls Gone Wild has taught me. Boston has the conservative college girls. But then again New Orleans has the newest strains of Syphiherpegonerrhea.
Edge: Boston (Unless you don't mind the Super Drips)

The Actual City
Boston is a beautiful lush city with history, culture and tradition. Half of New Orleans was swept away five years ago.
Edge: Boston

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ballamiguel said...

Speak for yourself...I am NOT a lush.