Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's On

I was perusing my Google Reader this morning, and I visited my favorite Yankees site "River Ave Blues", which is a fantastic blog.. Well recently Nike came out with an advertisement for the Yankees celebrating their World Series Championship, and I have to admit it was kinda cool, it showed off the great aspects of NYC and whatnot. Well their reader Stephen came up with this ingenius dig at Boston in general. I have a few general observations about this HILARIOUS OH MY GOD I AM FALLING DOWN I CANT STOP LAUGHING photoshop.

1. It's the Big Dig you fucking idiot, not the "Boston Tunnel". If you bothered to google "boston highway construction biggest waste of money" it should have been your first result. And it collapsed once.

2. Pink hats? Ok, I know Raquel has gone over this a million times, but jesus christ. I went to college with enough Yankee fan broads that had no fucking clue who played for the Yankees in the '50s or could name anyone out of the Yankees bullpen who wasn't named Mariano Rivera. And while watching the World Series it was nice to see that you have you have enough douchebag celebrity fans (i.e Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys, Billy Crystal) to balance out our Ben Afflecks and Kevin James.

3. Ok I will concede that Jay Z is about thirty times the artist that the Dropkick Murphys are. I hate them....a lot.

4. JD Drew was the least of our problems, and if you actually watched a Red Sox game in your fucking miserable life you would have seen that. Drew shows up every post season for the Sox, producing every year, which according to every Yankees fan I have ever talked to is all that matters. My god how many times did I hear that Paul O'Neil and Scott Brosius were so awesome because of their October numbers. And by the way, how did Nick Swisher, your RF perform in the postseason?

5. How dare you steal my nickname for David Ortiz? I have copyrights on Big Popup, Big Slumpi, Big Waste-of-line-up Spot, Big Wasteline. Give him a break bro, he had to change his um, "work out" routine.

6. "When the Subway is packed with Drunk Italian Assholes" there we go, fixed it to apply to NYC.

7. Yeah Yeah Yeah you have your 27th World Championship, and you deserved it. But because I am a bitter asshole, I still have this:

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