Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Your Division Series Prediction Round-Up

The Division Series' are about to begin! Here's what the masses are saying:


Gordon Edes, Yahoo! Sports: Phillies in 4.
Keith Law, ESPN: Phillies in 4.
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports: Rockies in 5.
Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe: Phillies in 4.
Peter Abraham, Boston Globe: Phillies in 4.

Smarty Barrett: The Rockies are a team of destiny! Look at them! No one expected them to be here! Cinderella is going to the ball! ...That said, Phillies in 4.

HZMLS: Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels or Ubaldo Jiminez and ummm Jason Marquis? Not a tough one here, Phils sweep.


Gordon Edes, Yahoo! Sports: Cardinals in 4.
Keith Law, ESPN: Cardinals in 5.
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports: Dodgers in 5.
Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe: Cardinals in 4.
Peter Abraham, Boston Globe: Cardinals in 5.

Smarty Barrett: Warning: Watching Albert Pujols hit a baseball for more than 3 hours may result in erections lasting longer than 3 hours. Stare at Jonathan Broxton's gut immediately. Cardinals in 4.

HZMLS: I am praying for a whole heaping gobb of Mannyfail. And I have calculated in my head that the mass Mannyhate > Smoltzloathing and Lugosuckshate. Plus the combination of Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright make me a little giddy. Cards in 5. Suck my balls Manny.

Red Sox/Angels

Gordon Edes, Yahoo! Sports: Red Sox in 5.
Keith Law, ESPN: Red Sox in 5.
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports: Angels in 5.
Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe: Angels in 5.
Peter Abraham, Boston Globe: Red Sox in 4.

Smarty Barrett: New year, new players. Last year means nothing. History means nothing. But the trend continues - Red Sox in 4.

HZMLS: Looking back at last year I am shocked that I selected the Angels. How could I pick a team that hasn't beaten the Red Sox in a playoff series in forever? I expect lots more Vlad disappearing acts, Mike Sciocsia giving away free outs, and a massive serving of Josh Beckett/Jon Lester/Daniel Bard/Jonathan Papelbon kicking some Halo ass. Sox in 5.


Gordon Edes, Yahoo! Sports: Yankees in 4.
Keith Law, ESPN: Yankees in 3.
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports: Yankees in 4.
Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe: Yankees in 4.
Peter Abraham, Boston Globe: Yankees in 3.

Smarty Barrett: A-Rod goes 14-15 in 4 games. The NY media rips into him for the 1 out he made. Yankees in 4.

HZMLS: Last night was by far one of the most entertaining baseball games I have ever seen. That being said, the Twins don't have a prayer. Yankees in 3.

What say you?


ballamiguel said...

Phillies in 4
Cardinals in 5
Yankees in 3
Sox in 4

Shaun said...

BOS in five.
STL in four.
NYY in four.
PHI in four.

Craigga said...

Sox in 5 agreed at!