Thursday, October 1, 2009

We Forgot About Something

Turn off the Red Sox, forget about the Office...It's Opening Night!!!

Update: The B's are down 4-0. It is now safe to turn your TV back to the Office.

Update #2: Pam is continuing her torpedoing of the Office. Is it wrong that I wish her character dies during childbirth?

Update #3: No it is not wrong. It is a necessity. SAVE THE SHOW


Raquel said...

Agreed on all counts. The only thing worse than getting asswhupped at home on opening night by Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player and his mediocre team of Reds is Pam "Shut The Fuck Up, You're Not Nearly Attractive Enough To Make Up For Your Utter Lack Of Comic Timing" Beasley." Christ.

I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Pam's still more attractive than "Curry" and "Kitten", so she stays.

HZMLS said...

The Office is not about hot chicks. If I wanted to stare at breasts I would watch the Hills or Laguna Beach.