Sunday, October 11, 2009

No More Excuses

The Sox can still do this, have faith. The bats will wake up, the pitching will return, all the Sox have to do is take this one game at a time. Game Four is in less than two hours, Fenway needs to explode with energy, make this team feel our fervor, and make the Angels shit in their pants. If things start off slow, don't start booing the players, because it will just get ugly after that.

It's all up to you Clay, we all know you can do it, this year you have shown that you not only are going to be a sick starter in the majors, but you have also pitched so well that I am glad we never traded you for Roy Halladay. And to the rest of the team, you are facing Scott Kazmir today, he is not the same Scott Kazmir that kicked our ass for so many years on the Rays. He's beatable, lets pile it on him and crack open that susceptible bullpen.

We still believe.

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Shaun said...

It's actually game three, not four, slutmonkey.