Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Come On Guys, Pick Your Heads Up

Welcome back to Mass Hysteria folks. The Red Sox season is over. The Patriots blew a very winnable game. This weekend was definitely the type that made you reflect on your fandom, and tested your toughness as a Boston sports fan. Face it, this weekend sucked monkey scrotum, there was nothing satisfying about watching the Red Sox blow two games in a row, and watching the Patriots get absolutely pwned by Josh McDaniel's screaming face. My first initial reaction was god damn it I have to get a drink, this hurts too much, and believe me Sunday night I did plenty of that. But after some deep soul searching, I have moved on, because what is wallowing going to accomplish? And if you have been reading any of the blogs as well you realize that we as a fanbase are not going to get any sympathy from anyone (and of course you can always go over to Deadspin and read Drew Margary's very objective and flattering piece on Boston fans in which he picked out the view points of a select few crazy blowhards and Dan Shaughnessy to overrepresent the rest of us). And why should we get any? All of our major sports organizations have been VERY successful over the past years, and many of these other cities such as Minnesota, Kansas City, Baltimore, and Atlanta haven't seen a winning team in years. Why should they feel bad for us?

Short answer is they shouldn't. We as a fanbase need to pick ourselves up, wipe ourselves off and realize that we still have four FUCKING fantastic sports organizations that are all primed to still be contenders year after year. Instead of rooting against the Angels because they beat the Red Sox, just enjoy the October baseball, there are four great teams still out there, and though the thought of a Dodgers-Yankees World Series makes me physically ill, the next two weeks should showcase some fantastic baseball. Think back to the Twins-Tigers game last week, how awesome was it to watch a great well played game in which you had no vested interest in who wins? And when you watch the Patriots, remember Brady is still getting himself back together and will only get stronger as the year progresses, and no we aren't going to 15-1 or 16-0, the 2007 regular season was a treat, good organizations go through periods that are tough and they push through, thats WHAT MAKES A TEAM GREAT. Almost every championship team has to go through struggles, remember the 2007 Giants almost fired Tom Coughlin four weeks into the season.

We are a tougher fanbase than this. True it sucks that the Red Sox and Patriots lost in one weekend, but instead of using that to elicit pity, store that memory for the next time a Boston team wins a championship, it will make the feeling that much sweeter. The Celtics and Bruins are both getting ready for championship runs, and the Pats are still an excellent team. Though Boston is overly misrepresented as beer swilling, loud mouthed, racist assholes, we are much much more than that. We are a passionate crew, that can take the good with the bad, and 2009 is just going to have to be one of those character building experiences. But it is now time to move on. The Bruins season is now under way, and the Celtics are ready to eat up your nights three days a week. So go grab your Rajon Rondo jersey or oggle at Zdeno Chara in this months ESPN the magazine, because it is fall in Boston, and we are ready.


Anonymous said...

Give it a rest and have a beer on me.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Hell yes. Well put.

Craigga said...


As pumped as I am for these other sports to finally come to the forefront, I also cannot wait to see some of the moves the Sox are going to face this offseason and how they handle them.

shaun said...

I'm from Rhode Island, but god damn it all, I love the Boston sports teams!


BTW for any wrestling fans out there, Captain Lou Albano passed away today at age 76.