Thursday, October 1, 2009

The BC Experience: BC vs Wake Forest

The Background: For the first time ever, the remaining Mass Hysteria crew gathered for a Boston College football game and tailgate. Now I have had season tickets for around 6 years, and Smarty has come to games in the past, but for GHABBY and his girlfriend this would be their first experience. After listening to SmartyBarrett and GHABBY incessantly mock my love of BC, and our rather putrid- Meineke Car Care Bowl Bound- football team the two agreed to come and heckle me the entire game. I got the last laugh though getting them seats high in the upperdeck While I decked myself in my usual BC garb, GHABBY wore his Tim Tebow shirt or as he told me "This is the first time a champion has ever walked into this stadium", Smarty Barrett in his Rhode Island gear, and the rest of the crew in Northeastern, Salem State, and whatever other school they rooted for. We also had our blogfriend Ashley at the game, so go check out her site, it's like Sex in the City, just far less annoying. The group was large, the beer was flowing so lets get down to the action.

The Food: Basically we had every type of food man has ever created ever: Steak tips, Guacamole, Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips, Clam Chowder, Stuffed Shells, three different types of calzones, three types of cookies, sour patch kids, cannolis, goldfish, pretzels, carnitas, italian subs, turkey subs, chicken salad sandwiches, and deviled eggs. Safe to say our digestive systems are still in shock.

The Booze: The Red Dog came out in full effect, along with the Flabongo which was passed around quicker than Lindsey Lohan at a frat party. If you recall last tailgate I attempted the flabongo and ended up spilling half of it all over myself after I spit it up. This time I was not to be denied, I took a Red Dog poured it into the pink belly of the devil, and I destroyed it. HZMLS-1 Flabongo 1. To make myself feel more like a chick, my father in law, another father at the tailgate and GHABBY all absolutely destroyed their drinks. HZMLS FAIL. Smarty couldn't do the flabongo because he is a wheatard, no seriously Gluten is like Kryptonite to Smarty. I think I must have had like seven or eight beers before the game so I was good and ready to go. So I snuck another Red Dog in my pocket, filled up my flask with some JD and entered Alumni. Special mention goes to the other beer, wine, cider, baileys, absolut boston, dark & stormy that I did not drink but was consumed by the tailgating crew.

The Game: So within one quarter it was clear to most of us that Boston College's offensive was much improved. They scored a first quarter touchdown on a pass (SHOCK!), and were moving the ball much more efficiently than against Clemson. Around the second quarter of the game I became a little beligerent about my drinking, claiming that I could do whatever I wanted because I had season tickets for years and blah blah blah, and sure I have a flask but who cares what the hell are they going to do to me? Yeah bad move. The older couple around me got pretty pissed off and told me so when I moved seats later. I don't usually feel bad about things that happen when I drink (see HZMLS's bachelor party), but strangely I did with this one, so hopefully this internet apology will align my karma again. Whoops. So anyways BC took a pretty commanding lead by the second half, the defense and shitty play calling pissed it all away, and we won in overtime when Riley Skinner handed the ball over to Wes Davis. Booyah. The ending was friggin crazy, Wake Forest was driving and BC couldn't stop them, then all of a sudden the ball came out, and EVERYONE WENT INSANE. Even SmartyBarrett and GHABBY who could care less if BC won were screaming, so when I say it was exciting trust me.

This weekend: BC vs the Criminoles. Gameday is going to be at the game, as will GHABBY and myself, so keep an eye on the TV and look for the most offensive sign that you can find. Guarantee that will be GHABBY. Just as a preview at one point during the game GHABBY approached a couple of Miami fans and commiserated with them, claiming that "Bobby Bowden makes Hitler look like Mr. Rogers".


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