Monday, September 21, 2009

Something That Didn't Suck This Weekend

Yes, this weekend was a pretty poor one for sports, especially if you were in my shoes. The Patriots lost, BOTH of my fantasy football teams got absolutely CREAMED, and my (real life) baseball team got eliminated from the playoffs. So why am I so happy today? Because the Red Sox are playing some re-god-damned-diculous baseball right now. They've won 9 out of their last 10, they're 12-5 in September, and they've brought the "Do they have a chance at the AL East?" question back into play. They have 5 solid starters for the first time all year and they look like they're going to end the season on quite a bit of a run.

But do they have a shot at the division? With 14 games to play, the Sox are 5 games back of the Yankees, who have 12 games to play. Therefore, the Sox are only 4 games back in the loss column, which means little except to say that the Sox do have control of their own destiny. Let's have a look at each team's remaining schedule, shall we?

Red Sox:

4 @ KC
3 @ NYY
3 v TOR
4 v CLE

3 @ LAA
3 v BOS
3 v KC
3 @ TB

I think it goes without saying that the Sox need to sweep the Yankees this coming weekend. If they don't, this post may as well have never existed, because that's the only thing the Sox need to do to make this discussion even worthwhile. All the Yankees really need is 1 in that series to lock things up. So if the Red Sox sweep that series, they're going to have to make up 2 games elsewhere. 1 game can be made up by winning Thursday night and another can be picked up by winning on Oct. 1 (these are the two days the Yankees are idle). That leaves 9 games left for the Sox to only make up ONE GAME. THREE of those 9 for the Yankees are against the ANGELS, and 3 more against the down-and-out-but-still-tough Rays. Meanwhile, the Sox have the Royals, Jays, and Indians to deal with in that span. Feelin' good yet?

Now some will tell you it's a reach to say the Sox have a chance. And maybe they're right. I mean, after all, I have prefaced this entire argument by saying the Sox MUST sweep in NY. If you take a look at what their overall record needs to be in their last 14 games, it's a little nutty (something like 11-3). But if they keep playing like they're playing, then we're in for a real exciting finish. And I normally wouldn't care about stuff like this, but it's the Yankees. It's the division. It's September.

I love this time of year. Every single game is important, starting tonight at 8:05 in Kansas City. For those that are still asking why I'm so fired up, why I think this is huge, and why I think the Sox still have a shot at the AL East, I can only say this:

Why not?

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