Friday, September 18, 2009

Schaudenfreude and Old News

I know this story is old but we never covered this, but evidently Ex BC Coach Jeff Jagawhatever can't put together a pro level offense. Duh. Maybe if Bucs management had watched BC shit all over themselves against Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt they wouldn't have made this mistake right. Well at least the coach let him down gently right....right???

"We needed more direction," Bucs coach Raheem Morris said in an early-afternoon news conference. "We needed more precision. [We weren't] getting it at the time, so you make the change."


What couldn't put together a gameplan to make Byron Leftwich successful? I can just imagine two Bucs receivers crashing into each other during practice, and a fourth string linebacker out of Youngstown State snuffing Cadillac Williams for a 5 yard loss on consecutive plays.

Enjoy sitting on your ass this season pal.

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