Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heidi Watney Goes Kosher

So just in case y'all hadn't heard yet, Nick Green is banging Heidi Watney. WHOA, right? From the Boston Herald:

Red Sox stud Nick Green and NESN Fenway honey Heidi Watney putting on a major display of PDA while out to dinner with Jacoby Ellsbury and his S.O. Kelsey Hawkins at Maggiano’s.

So to be clear, we're now all jealous of Nick Green right? And this whole time we thought it was Varitek... fools, all of you. It's ALWAYS the shortstop.

As a side note, HZMLS' wedding rehearsal dinner was at Maggiano's. So now I feel a little like I'm banging Heidi Watney, too. And it feels pretty awesome.


HZMLS said...

a .239 career hitter is hitting that?

/slams head on desk

ballamiguel said...

If .239 BA gets you Heidi Watney...that must mean SB's career avg will get him Kathy Griffin.

Oh wait. I meant MEG Griffin.

Zach Martin said...

All this post reminded me of the time I pissed off the owner of Maggiano's son's deck on New Years 2004, then made out with his ex-gf. She was 6-years my elder. Needless to say, I was swiftly booted from the party.

I exacted my revenge in the form of a verbal altercation with a cabbie and cop and a makeout/BJ session with a random girl I picked up while hailing a new cab. We ended up in my parents' basement (I was quite the blogger even then). She asked I used sheepskin condoms. I didn't have any, because that's weird. But you can bet I gave her a different kind of skin. BOOM!!!

Also, good for Nick Green.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Yeah, I got sick of her, and threw poor, homely Nick a bone (literally). Shame to let a good blonde go to waste, you know...