Friday, September 11, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

* First night of FOOOOOTBAWWWWLLL. Defending champions Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Tennessee Titans. Right off the bat we all knew this was going to be a defensive game. But if you loved 3 and outs, missed field goals, battling for field position and no offense shown from anyone who hasn't had their dong on the internet, than this was the game for you. I have never seen anyone get so excited and love saying a name than Al Michaels with "TROY POLAMALU". My god, it was like Michaels was getting erect saying his name, salivating over every syllable. And it didn't help that Cris Collinsworth is pulling the Peter King-Brett Favre Syndrome crap with Troy either. Sure POL-A-MALU!!! is one of, if not the best safety in football, but jesus christ the man can do no wrong. He fucking ran into the WR on a route, got called for pass interference, and Collinsworth was acting like the refs impregnated his daughter. Then PO-L-A-MA-LU!!! got hurt, and things sort of returned to normal, Big Ben getting chased around the pocket, no scoring, and by the third quarter I was asleep.

Where the hell is Richard Seymour??

* So yeah, Richard Seymour still hasn't reported to the Raiders, which might eventually lead to the voiding of the trade. Al Davis has already sent him a letter, threatened to expose Seymour's D in 9th grade Spanish, and a corny love letter to Tina Blatts in 10th grade. I heard JT The Brick on NESN last night, and he thinks the Patriots are low brow and we hurt Seymours feelings, and what kind of loyalty are we showing Seymour for all his hard work? Hey Guess what "Brick", football is a business, sure Kraft could have shown a little more tact in the matter, but when Al Davis gives you an absolutely insane offer, you take it. Now Richard, stop crying and get your ass over to Oakland.

* The Red Sox did not play last night. BOOOOOOOOOOO. But on the other hand Dice K pitched for Single A and looked pretty good. Then again he is pitching against players that are one step above Beer Leagues and whatever the hell that league is that SmartyBarrett plays in. The Sox still don't have a number four, with Wakefield's back acting up, and Byrd always one pitch away from being absolutely smoked. But then again we still have to actually MAKE the playoffs before we can set our rotation.

Well that's it folks, feels good to be back, have a great Friday.


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ballamiguel said...

"Smarty", it took me like 2 minutes. Come on. Use your "nogin" (which was my word verification).

Rusty said...

I love JT the Brick. He shows us all just how far someone with severe Downs Syndrome can go.

ballamiguel said...

"What's that smell?"

(I'm hoping someone gets this reference.)

Shaun said...

I found Waldo.