Monday, September 14, 2009

The Boston College Experience: BC vs Kent State

Because I was away for the Northeastern game, I missed reporting back on an epic 54-0 corn-holing of the Huskies. (Not like anyone would have cared even if I did.) But a funny side story about this game. There was a Northeastern Husky statue near where I got married, and my brother did me a favor and vandalized it with BC gear and shaving cream. I think its a pretty accurate representation of that entire game:

So back to Saturday's Game against Kent State. I know nothing about Kent State other than a bunch of hippies were killed there by the National Guard in the 60's, and Super Jew and current Patriot Julian Edelman played there. I had no expectations that they were going to put up any semblance of a fight, but I was more curious which quarterback would emerge from BC. More importantly than the game, this was going to be my first tailgate of the season, what to drink, what to eat? Would I even remember the game?

Weather: Shitty and wet. Unlike most BC fans skipping the game was not an option, bad weather or not I was going to man through it. Seriously, I should have taken a picture of the stadium, it was about 50% full no wonder BC fans get a bad rap.

Tailgate Food: Meatball Subs and Lasagna. What says BC tailgate better than a heaping bowl of artery clogging cheese and Italian food. My mother in law is a great cook, and mixing Italian food with beer is something that would make Jesus smile. In one single meal there was enough food to make GHABBY (diabetus), SmartyBarrett (wheatard) and Raquel (hippie) sick. Mix in some Italian subs, cookies from Henry's market in Beverly, and Seven Layer bars and I am pretty sure that I carved out two years of my life in one sitting.

Tailgate Drink: Today was a mixture of Sam Adams Boston Lager and Red Dog. Yes, Red Dog. You may remember Red Dog as that beer that existed in the early 1990's with the cool fat Bulldog that was NOT AT ALL AIMED AT UNDERAGED DRINKERS. Many a people asked "That still exists, I haven't seen that in a liquor store in years". But oh it exists on the North Shore, like all of us who have ever lived on the North Shore, Red Dog can not escape. My sister- in- law is still a student, and this has become the beer of choice among her group of friends. I was a little skeptical at first but actually if you were going to drink shitty light beer, Red Dog isn't that bad. Especially if you drink it out of a flabongo.
Yes a flabongo. Its like a funnel, but made out of a flamingo lawn ornament and totally not gay at all. Basically how it works is a company sawed off the legs and beak, you pour the beer in the belly, put your mouth around the beak and drink mutha fuka! See what sucks about getting older, or at least drinking 5 beers before this, was that I really struggled to chug the beer. In fact about a quarter of it ended up coming out of my nose onto the ground, which made Mrs.HZMLS call me a "loser" for not being able to finish it. She tried it right after me and did a whole beer, which of course made me feel like less of a man. Rightly so.

The Actual Game: Today's pregame did not get me into a state where I fogged out during the whole game (it's happened in the past). BC mopped the floor with Kent State, both quarterbacks Justin Tuggle and Dan Skinskie (who is now 25) did reasonably well. I'm not going to bore you with details, but BC won 34-7. It wasn't much of a game. Richie Gunnell who must be in his 9th season for BC scored two touchdowns, and the only low point of the game was that Kent State scored on the last drive of the game against the 2nd string BC defense (the first points BC allowed all season).

During the game, Mark Herzlich was trolling the sidelines. If you don't remember Herzy is the linebacker that many projected to go first round this year to the NFL, but doctors discovered Ewing's Sarcoma in his knee and now he is out, and he has been battling through chemo and radiation treatments at Mass General. But the guy is a freak, my god he is going through horrific shit I can't imagine, and there he is still bench pressing 200 pounds plus and doing leg lifts of 350. Jesus Christ. But anyways BC was selling shirts to raise money for Ewing's Sarcoma, so I bought one of these (it's hard to see in the pic, but the Eagle has Herzy's eye black on). My shirt will look a little different because by the end of the year it will be soaked in beer, tears and shame.

After the Game: More tailgating. Now I am not naive enough to think that BC tailgating is anything special. In fact I would like to thank the residents of Brighton and Newton for making tailgating so difficult. But anyways, hit up some more Red Bull ate some more food and fell asleep on the car ride back. Went home drank some nice scotch, and watched USC beat Ohio State before falling asleep again. What a Saturday, that is exactly what the fall is all about.

Next week: at Clemson. Can BC actually pick a quarterback? Can they actually beat a Division 1 football program?


Matt said...

Thanks for the recap. Haven't been able to make it up for the first two games; I'm hoping to be there for FSU.

I'm still not very optimistic about this season, and beating 1-AA and low level MAC teams is nothing to get excited about, but we can't be anything but happy with how the first two weeks went.

Hopefully Clemson will be a little flat after last week's game and C.J. Spiller trips and smashes his face on that damn rock before the game.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Flabongo love - send in the pictures to the website!

HZMLS said...

What site are you speaking of?