Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unfortunately Baldwin Declined My Request

Though I failed in my quest to have Baldwin at my wedding, Gerard Phelan agreed to be the ring bearer.

So yeah, I am getting married. Some of you may ask such questions as "Do your future in-laws know about your blogging secret identity?" The answer is yes, they do. In fact I believe they are actually readers of this site, which honestly is kind of cool. I want to apologize though in advance, the NFL previews are not going to happen. Instead of letting you know my thoughts on the Pats, my last two days as an umarried man will be spent calling fucking hotels in Hawaii to ensure our reservations are correct, doing laundry, packing, and picking up my goddamn tux. The details of my wedding is exactly what you might expect from me: yes I am getting hitched at Boston College, no Matt Ryan isn't going to be my best man, and yes my bride and I are entering to "Dirty Water" at the reception. The best part is we are getting married at a site associated with Northeastern, and they have a Husky statue near the front door. Well I have a BC Superfan shirt and hat ready to drape around that mascot. Would you expect any less from me? GHABBY and SmartyBarrett are both coming to the wedding, and will be able to give you the low down on who got the drunkest, who hooked up with whom, and the constant DJ interruptions with Red Sox-Yankee score updates.

Well Mass Hysteria, if I have time to throw together more short posts in the next couple days I will do my best. But if not I will be back in September, ready to talk more about:

* How Boston College lost it's opening game to Northeastern
* How Brett Favre will retire, then unretire again (Seriously though, if I hear another ESPN pundit putting the Vikings in the NFC title game because of this clown I'm going to scream)
* How David Ortiz hit 10 home runs in three weeks
* How Brad Penny remembered how to pitch and won three games, throwing 100 pitches over 9 innings
* How the Patriots are 1-0 with a 47-0 win over the Bills

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Rocco said...

Most importantly, does that 47-0 win cover the spread? I'm putting $1000 on NE.