Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trade Deadline Ideas of Sheer Madness

Now that GHABBY is done making rational sense about Major League Baseball's trade deadline, I am here to throw a gigantic monkeywrench into our sites repertoire. Here is word from the mouth of HZMLS: Trade ANYONE on our team to get Roy Halladay. Seriously ANYONE. Want Jacoby Ellsbury? Take him. Clay Buccholz? He's all yours. Jon Lester? Ok, maybe there is a player I wouldn't trade, but seriously, I have a major man crush on Roy Halladay, only in a sports talent and "MY GOD YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME" sort of way. Can you imagine, 8 innings of pure pitching awesomeness every five days. Do I think the Sox have more pressing needs, such as a player who can hit the baseball? Sure. But as you go to bed, think of this:

Game 1: Josh Beckett
Game 2: Roy Halladay
Game 3: Jon Lester

/needs a tissue.


ballamiguel said...

What is the theory for NOT having Roy Halladay start Game 1 of a postseason series?

nfsffw said...

Tough to believe Philly's not going to make a big push for him, the Cards just upped the NL ante with the other Holliday.
But I'm in full agreement with you. The guy's gonna end up in Cooperstown, a ring or two would make him a first balloter.

Rocco said...

How is Holliday the "other" Halladay? And my buddy, a Sox fan, just said the same thing. Specifically giving up Buccholz.