Friday, July 31, 2009

This Would Totally Fix Boston's Image

“You know, Michael is an outstanding player,’’ said Belichick. “He hasn’t played in a couple years, but right now our focus is on our team and our players, trying to get the New England Patriots ready. That’s really where my attention has been, but he’s a tremendous athlete.’’

Oh great, after Spygate, Harrison, Belichick, Manny and Ortiz all Boston needs is this. Please for the love of crap say the Patriots are not thinking of signing Ookie aka Ron Mexico aka Snoopy's worst nightmare, aka Lock Up Your Dogs. I am all about giving a guy a second chance, but the way the Patriots have been a run the past few years keeping out sociopaths might be a good idea.Jesus Christ, signing Michael Vick would put Boston in upper stratosphere of sports douchiness, in our athletes alone. Hey while we are at it Plexico Burress is still unsigned, and we could always save Pacman Jones from the career suicide of the UFL, and while we are at Stephon Marbury's crazy ass is still looking for a deal (but then again his internet career is skyrocketing!).

Then again this is the trade deadline in baseball. And hopefully we will keep you posted if anything happens

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