Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now We Know Why The AL Always Wins

With the Home Run Derby only a week away, everyone is dying to know: who are the participants? Because let's face it, no one gives two shits about the actual All-Star Game itself. We don't want a boring game with a gajillion pitching changes, we want to see guys sock a few dingers! So here's how it's shaping up: First, the NL Roster:

Ryan Howard, PHI
Price Fielder, MIL
Adrian Gonzalez, SD
Albert Pujols, StL

And the AL:

Justin Morneau, MIN
Jason Bay, BOS (YAY!!!!)
Evan Longoria, TB (RAQUEL ORGASM!!!)
Miguel Cabrera, DET (UNCONFIRMED)

OK, so stay with me now. With Cabrera unconfirmed, why not just dump him? Remove him from the equation and add Hank Blalock... or Mark Teixeira... or Matt Holliday, and now look at the AL team... Wait a minute... that shapes up to be.... oh no!


The A-Train said...

Teixeira's already said he's not doing it.

Rocco said...

I hate the AL. I like Boston, but the AL blows. Stupid DH.

Raquel said...

Hahahah sweet merciful fuck this is just the best.