Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You're Kidding Right? Morally Outraged Edition

Donte Stallworth is going to jail for killing a man, while driving drunk, in fact 2x over the limit. No, he isn't going away for twenty years. Not ten. Not five. Hell he isn't even going to jail for a year. Mario Reyes, the victim in this case, was worth 30 days in prison and an undisclosed amount financial settlement. Now, I am all about rehabilitation and forgiveness for a mistake, but ONE MONTH? You would get more time getting caught with a bag of weed, or shoplifting a can of baby formula at a grocery store. To his credit Stallworth from most accounts seems remorseful, but to me this just sounds like another professional athlete buying his way out of trouble. First Leonard Little gets away with killing a man, and now Donte gets the most egregious gross slap on the wrist. I mean what Michael Vick did was very wrong, but how the hell did he get more time than a guy who ran down a guy with his car, drunk? Oh, he was jay walking, nice loop hole! THIRTY DAYS???? GOD! Well at least the Browns can now count on Stallworth having one good game next year and completely disappearing for the other 15. That is unless Roger Goodell suspends him (crosses fingers), or bans him from the NFL .


SmartyBarrett said...

Hey, come on. He flashed his lights.

ballamiguel said...

Why would Donte prefer 30 days in jail, and why Mario Reyes? He could have ran down a rapper in his car and there wouldn't even BE an investigation.