Tuesday, June 2, 2009

See You Later Pal

Well that was quick. After only a half of year as a starter for the BC Eagles, projected starting Quarterback (and I only use that term loosely) Dominique Davis is gone. Evidently along with not being able to run, pass, read defenses, make quick decisions or manage a football game, Davis isn't too bright either. On Tuesday Boston College was set to suspend Davis for academic reasons, but Davis decided to bolt and transfer to another unannounced college. Davis must have realized that after a year of watching someone else QB that Coach Spaz would choose ANYBODY over him. Look at his stats in the two biggest games of 2008:

ACC Championship Game
: 17 of 43, 2 Touchdowns 2 interceptions and 2 Fumbles that led to touchdowns
Music City Bowl: 15 of 36, 2 touchdown, 2 interceptions

Now Davis has the opportunity to select another college that would love a quarterback who can throw about 20 yards on a wobbly spiral and runs like a slower Byron Leftwich. Surely Florida, USC and Ohio State are already blowing up his cell phone with scholarship offers.

As a BC fan though, I'm kind of relieved. True our options now include Justin Tuggle, a QB who has never thrown a collegiate pass, and Billy Flutie who has no noticeable talent whatsoever other than being the nephew of the God of BC. But on the other hand, BC is now without their head coach from last year, their QB, two of their starting defensive lineman and two of their starting linebackers. It is going to a lllooooong season at the Heights.

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