Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

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So I know it's only mid-June, but hot damn I am excited about this Red Sox team. Another win last night, moving them to 11-3 in June, all against some damn good teams. Ortiz is starting to hit again (and to the opposite field, too. Woot.), the starting pitching has been great, the bullpen has been AMAZING, and they're just flat out WINNING. What more can you ask for? And what I don't get is the fact that everyone seems hell-bent on trading someone?!? "Oh, gotta move Brad Penny." "Gotta jettison Lugo." My question is WHY? They're in first place by three games, they have the best record in the AL, and they're playing GREAT! Yes, Smoltz is coming back, Buchholz is waiting in the wings, and Lowrie is almost ready, but so what? I think they're playing this just right. Everyone relax on the trade front - we don't need to start juggling players and making deals for the sake of making deals. Last I checked, depth wasn't a terrible thing.

In other news, the Yankees lost. To the Nationals. The worst team in baseball. This was in interesting match-up to me, as it pitted a team that is on pace to have the worst season in history against a pitcher who has already started off as the worst starter in history. But the Nattys, thanks to Adam Dunn (one of my favorite non-Sox players in the league), emerged from this tornado of terrible. So be sure to remind your Yankee fan friends that their team lost to the worst team in baseball. On the plus side for them, Chien Ming Wang lowered his ERA to 451247.14. So there's that.

The U.S. Open of Golf starts today, folks. Maybe this excites only me and like 8 other people, but I enjoys me some majors. Plus, something about a course named "Bethpage Black" gets me all hot and bothered. But it's time for a senseless prediction, and I'll go with Mike Weir to win the whole thing. Maybe it's Jason Bay that has me loving Canada again, but this dude can sink some putts. LIKE A BOSS!


ballamiguel said...

I'm pulling for Lefty. All kidding aside, Amy wants the silver trophy, and damn it I hope Phil delivers it to her.

Pepster said...

Count me as 1 of the 8. Love me some major golf. Not sure that any sport has the pressure as big putts on the back nine of a major in golf.

Boatdrinks said...

Four for eight right here. I love majors too. And I love to see the terror in their eyes at US Open when the course kicks their hiney. The only downside, this one is on NBC, and I like David Feherty. He is funny and I love his accent.

HZMLS said...

Ill wait to get excited about the US Open until Sunday and if it's a blow out I'll probably miss it anyways.