Friday, June 12, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Good morning again to you folks, we are back with another edition of "YANKEEFAIL" Breakfast with the Hysterics. You have probably heard it over and over again, and Yankee fans can try and spin it anyway they want, but the Sox are now 8-0 against the Boys from the Bronx. I love reading "this is only 8 games in the scheme of things it doesn't matter", which couldn't be further away from the truth. You know when 8 games doesn't matter? When you split the series 4-4, that's a wash, when you sweep three series in a row, that is a psychological edge. When your manager gives up the game because he allows your starting pitcher to throw over 120 pitches, and gassed he walks to load the bases.That isn't just one game or eight games, that is poorly managed baseball. Or when you have Brad Penny on the ropes you have Melky Cabrera lay down a bunt after Penny throw like 40 pitches through 1 1/3? That is stupid baseball. Sorry it is. And where the hell was Mariano Rivera? He is the most dominant closer of all time, and still one of, if not THE best right now, and you leave that tub of lard out there?

Whoops Nice Catch Johnny

True this was only 8 games, 8 games that the Red Sox won, but this has to make you feel good about Boston's team. David "more likely 38 years old" Ortiz hit two home runs in the span of a week, STANDING OVATION RAAHHHHHH!!!, Brad Penny pitched better than you could ever hope for from a #5 starter (I retract my whole Clay Buchholz post), and Josh Beckett is back to Captain KickAss. (Please don't mention anything about Manny Delcarmen or Ramon Ramirez). Now it's off to Philly to face the defending World Champions: Lester vs. Blanton tonight.


SmartyBarrett said...

Memo to Yankee fans:

The Red Sox are 28-24 against teams not named the Yankees.

The Yankees are 34-18 against teams not named the Red Sox.

This would put the Yankees 6 games up in the standings. Instead they are two back. Don't fucking tell me it doesn't matter.

dubbschism said...

Joe Blanton can't make tonight's start. he was swallowed by Brad Penny.