Wednesday, June 3, 2009

37 Pummels

Well, not anymore he doesn't. Harrison announced his retirement today after a 15-year career, 6 of them with your New England Patriots. Yes he was getting old and washed up, but damn I loved watching this dude clock people into next week. And he loved it too. My fav. quote from his conference call (emphasis mine):

"People have called me a dirty player. I'm a very passionate player. I also understand that this is not volleyball. This is a very violent, physical game, and if you hit someone in the mouth, they're not going to be your friend. That's what the game of football is."

Fucking. Awesome.

My personal favorite Harrison memory was his Super Bowl XXXIX-ending interception. The dagger. And it was followed by him running around like an 8-year old (as I, in turn, did the same in my living room).

So, dear readers, what's your favorite non-hGH Harrison memory?


HZMLS said...

How about anything but this?

ballamiguel said...


Boatdrinks said...

When he blasted people into next week and they got up looking like they had stars and birds tweeting around there heads.