Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Knew The *World Series Questions Would Come

Part of us all knew this day would come, a 2004/2007 Red Sox player pops for a PED, and cries that the Red Sox World Series Championships are tainted. Take it away Fack Youk :

"In addition, the Sox organiztion has been largely spared the of embarassment of this going down with him still on the team. The graphics on SportsCenter and the MLB Network and will carry the Dodger's logo. He won't have to answer questions at Fenway about it. All those clips of him mashing in a West Coast, National League uniform really deflect the stigma away from their two World Series titles and Manny's WS MVP. That's what I care about: the Championships. "

Look, first off, Manny admitted himself (don't know how reliable this is) that he passed 15 drug tests over the past 5 years. Which if correct, means that he was at least partially clean when he played with the Sox. Secondly, Yankees fans have been salivating over this day for years, because it now gives them an excuse to claim that "Ya dood, all their World Series, are like taint'd and shit". Enough. When the Clemens-McNamee allegations came out, the first things Sox fans went after were his records and his legacy. NOT YOUR WORLD SERIES RINGS. To this day we have no idea how wide spread the usage is, and it is incredibly naive to say one teams championships are tainted because of a positive PED test 5 years after they won.


Jay said...

There was talk from everyone about tainted World Series when the Mitchell Report came out, not just Sox fans. It's a natural reaction. There were no Sox in the Report and I think we can all agree that is pretty suspect. The Yankees caught an undue amount of shit in the wake of an investigation headed by someone very closely connected with the Sox organization.

Clemens played a much smaller role in the Yankees championships and largely shrunk in the postseason. 2003 and 2004 were so tightly contested that a one small break in any of those games could have tipped the scales. If Manny was using steroids, you don't think that was significant? I personally do. You don't think him testing positive now begs the question of whether he has used in the past?

Maybe A-Rod was still on steriods too. It's not cut and dry, but the Sox have gotten off miraculously scott-free throughout this PED mess.

Is there an element of pathetic hindsight to all of this? Absolutley. But he's in the NL and the current situation doesn't really affect Yanks fans. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Raquel said...

Sounds like a fackin' Yanks fan to me! Get 'im, boys!

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