Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Could Get Used To This

5-0 against the Yankees. Heart-wrenching defeats, walk-off wins, huge comebacks, straight steals of home, blow-outs, games dominated by offense, games dominated by pitching... The Sox have beat them every way possible. And it's fucking awesome.

How awesome, you ask? Well let's take a look at it.

Ever see a dude hold up a fish and slice it lengthwise so all the guts spill out all over the place? Yeah, me neither. But it seemed like a good analogy to what Jason Bay has been doing to the Yankees this season. .556, 3 HR, 10 RBI in 5 games? Yes, please. The most satisfying part about all this is that Yankee fans rejoiced when the Sox traded Manny, because he's a "Yankee killer." How's that workin' out for ya?

Yes Raquel and I were at this game. Yes it was the most awesome thing I have ever seen in person at a sporting event. How can you not love the straight steal of home, the ballsiest play in all of baseball? And the fact that it was against the Yankees? Against Andy Pettitte who was admittedly embarassed the last time someone stole home against him? Who vowed that he would never let it happen again? Fuck and yes.

Hey, remember all that talk pre-season about how awesome the Yankees bullpen was going to be? Now I know it's early and they have plenty of time to sort it out, but I don't think this is what Cashman et al were planning on. They can't get outs, they can't throw strikes... it's a complete mess. Meanwhile, Ramon Ramirez + MDC + Okajima = Super Happy Fun Time. And I didn't even mention Paps.

This just in: Joba Chamberlain is a dickhead. Yes Jason Bay is fucking owning your team. Yes he bitch-slapped you in the first inning. So you're afraid to pitch to him, fine. You're a little girl who gets easily riled and you don't want him to embarass you and your team again. Cool. So you throw at him. Well, as John Farrell said today, these things are not forgotten. So when one of your teammates leaves the field in a casket in the next series, tip your cap to them.


A Pimp Named DaveR said...

At least the stands were full of loyal Yankee fans over the two game series....

Um... wait a second....

dubbschism said...

maybe it's because i never read a single thing about baseball ever, but i didn't hear ONE optimistic thing about the 2009 yankees bullpen. (unless it had something to do with joba triumphantly reclaiming his spot as set-up man.)

also, my word verification for this comment is "meth amphetamine."

The A-Train said...

Joba struck Bay out in his second at-bat. I doubt Joba is afraid to pitch to Bay.

Also, I remember a famous pitcher back in the day drilling a batter who hit a home run in the previous game. The pitchers thoughts? "let's see him try and hit that one out of the park"

That being said, I don't think Joba hit Bay on purpose. It moved Ortiz into scoring position, and the Yankees were already down a run. Why the fuck try and make it easier for the Sox to score another run?