Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That Happened a Lot Quicker Than Anticipated

When the Patriots signed Fred Taylor this offseason, the first thing that came to my mind was great running back hurt all the time. Like, when I think injury plagued seasons, Fred Taylor's face and rippled muscles pop into my head (no homo). But, we had to stay positive, he would be mixed into a Belichick offensive scheme that didn't allow one running back to star, its always a Dillon-Maroney, Lamont Jordan- BenJarvis Green Ellis combo. But then this happened.

"Taylor hurt the wrist when he fell on his outstretched left hand. It appears the injury occurred while he was working out on his own in South Florida and not at Gillette Stadium under the team's supervision."

That injury sounds vaguely familiar. Oh right, thats how my grandmother broke her wrist when she slipped and fell in the kitchen. But Fred she is 74, you are 30 something and you play a sport that involves massive amounts of violence. What is going to happen when James Harrison unloads on you in the frigid cold and concrete like turf. You remind me of that M. Night Schamalanman movie Unbreakable, except you are tolerable to watch. With combination of Fred Taylor and Kool Aid Maroney, we are bound to see lots of BenJarvis Green Ellis and whatever other running back is mired on the practice squad. Ouch my head hurts.
Though it would be pretty tight if he could grow an Afro like that.

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GHABB,Y~! said...

Fragile Fred strikes again. He sure didn't get hurt like that when His Holiness Danny Wuerffel was handing off to him.