Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Somewhere my dog just shuddered

A few days ago egghead John Clayton listed his four potential landing spots for Mike Vick, sitting at #4

"4. New England Patriots: This is an example of a great organization with a head coach (Bill Belichick) who is strong enough to take a gamble on talent. If Belichick is interested, he'd first have to convince his owner, Robert Kraft. That might be tough. Kraft cares about the public image of his franchise. It's also not known if Kraft could accept Vick's transgressions. But let's look at it from the football side. The Dolphins are light years ahead of the rest of the league in running the Wildcat offense. They drafted Pat White in the second round to carry the Wildcat to new levels. Because the Patriots must prepare for the Wildcat, why not bring in Vick, the ultimate Wildcat weapon? The Patriots haven't reached outside to replace Matt Cassel. If Kraft accepts him, Vick could be an interesting possibility for a few plays per game in New England."

If John Clayton wasn't completely wrong on everything he has ever said this would make me nervous. That's all the Patriots need to clean up their image, one of the games biggest blemish. Maybe while their at it they can sign Chris Henry to play WR, and replace Vince Wilfork with Tank Johnson. For a "few plays" a game I can't imagine the Patriots taking a risk like Vick, Moss stepped in as their #1 WR, but that risk was calculated with the ups far outweighing the downs. Maybe I just hate Vick because he is a douche to animals, but Hysterics would you mind seeing Vick in a Patriots jersey?


GHABB,Y~! said...

No way, the Pats with Vick would be Un-fucking-stoppable. We could even hire China Jade in Beverly to hold celebratory dog roasts (um, I mean "spare ribs") whenever Vick scores a TD.

Boatdrinks said...

I don't think he was that good, separate from the dogs. If he hadn't run afoul of the law, what quarterback would he be now? And then factor in not playing? I don't think he was getting better, and I think he was starting to slow down speed wise.
But what do I know....John Clayton is the man.

Shaun said...

He'd be good in terms of wildcatting and running the ball, etc...but I doubt he'd sign on just to be a glorifed backup. While he will have to sign for less (teams have him by the balls, basically), I don't see it here.

I DO wish they'd do something though. We need a better insurance plan than O'Connell.

my word verification was: teribil I think this says it all.

Boatdrinks said...

I am a big dummy. I just looked quickly at the stats posted on Pro football reference dot com, and it seems he maintained the same level of yard, completions, yada yada through the year 2006;
Sigh. Don't you hate when facts eff up your theory based on crappy memory?
I would guess my gut instinct was based on the dropping win / loss record from the high in 2004.