Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Shameless Plug from HZMLS

Please give me a second to pimp out one of my friend's blogs. Ashley is a friend of mine, who does a terrific job blogging about her life as a 25 year old Boston girl. Now most of what she talks about probably won't gel with the entire mission of this fair blog (usually involving boys, and nights out on the town), but last night she had a great post up about the Celtics, and frankly it was a good read. She is always looking for readers, so please go check out her post, let her know your thoughts.

Also while your at it, join the Twitter and Facebook groups.

Random Afternoon Waste of Time:

Maxim released it's top 100 Pieces of Meat List, what are your thoughts?

1. Olivia Wilde
2. Megan Fox
3. Bar Refaeli
4. Malin Akerman
5. Mila Kunis
6. Eliza Dushku
7. Adriana Lima
8. Rihanna
9. Jordana Brewster
10. Jennifer Love Hewitt


It's our site's one year anniversary!!!!

Well technically it was on May 1st, but would you expect anything less than a post two weeks later? It's amazing that we have last this long, through the opening jitters, the loss of a ShitShow, the addition of Smarty Barrett, the fall to the Devil Rays, the loss of Brady, the Celtics Championship, the resurgence of the Bruins franchise, and a whole shit load of BC news that no one cared about.
Thank you to all our readers who have been there since the beginning (Pepster, SCOC, Rocco, Boatdrinks, Shawn, and anyone else out there who reads silently) and all of our new friends that have jumped aboard next. We are truly honored that you choose to waste time at work reading our inane ramblings. Cheers to a second year that will have more Diabetus Kittah, Wrestling Stories, unhealthy crushes on Bruins players, Worthington P Foxtrotty and Towelie!


Pepster said...

Congratulations on making it through a whole year! More power to you and looking forward to the next.

Raquel said...

Fuck Maxim and everything they fucking stand for with Zdeno Chara's rusty skate blade.

Rocco said...

Wow! It's already been one year of reading this garbage? Well done Mass Hysterians...I love wasting time at work reading the blog. Even if you're Boston fans.

RE: Maxim: WTF? I hope that pic of Olivia Wilde doesn't do her justice. I've never seen her before, and can think of about 437 women hotter than her.

/doomed in Buffalo

shaun said...

Huzzah to the mass hysterias

Pepster said...

My understanding about Maxim's Hot 100 is that is supposed to rank hotness in both looks and Q rating, (both completely subjective - obvously) to determine the hot 100. That is how Lindsey Lohan ended up number 1 last year (or two years ago - I forget).

My take on the list - I have always had a thing for Eliza Dushku. I know that she may not be the technically hottest woman in the world - but she does it for me. And I usually like my women a little thicker.

Why the animosity toward Maxim Raquel?

Raquel said... I really need to explain my animosity towards a magazine that ranks women according to their "hotness" as "pieces of meat"?

Jesus Fucking Christ. That magazine and others like it are the reason eating disorders exist. I hope that each and every one of you thinks, "Hey! I'm willfully participating in a cultural medium that actively makes life shittier for every woman I care about" every time you pick up one of those magazines. It's misogynistic trash, and you should be ashamed of yourself for reading it.

adrunk "who reads silently" said...

But you wouldn't want to be number one Raquel.

GHABB,Y~! said...

Where was Bea Arthur on that list? I of course mean Bea Arthur now, rotting in the ground, as opposed to the living Bea Arthur, who was not nearly as hot or skeletal.