Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Luk I kin spel two!

Jesus...I was only kidding when I posted this, but it looks like I wasn't too far off

I think GHABBY said it best:

"I think he was referring to the vaginas of the catholic girls he banged with his black manhood."

Then again, check out Urban Dictionary for another way to use the word "Boston College", and you can find the error of this statement.

"Anal sex with a woman who has never had conventional (i.e. vaginal) intercourse.

Because Boston College is a Catholic university, many of it's students feel obliged to maintain their virginity, or at least *pretend* to do so. Therefore, situations that would often lead to conventional intercourse (a serious relationship, or heavy drinking) often instead lead to other alternatives.

Have you gone all the with Tiffany?

No way, dude. She's still a virgin. But I gave her a Boston College last night. It was sweet!

Therefore, GHABBY you were about three inches off on that one.