Monday, May 11, 2009

Celtics-Magic Game 4: Big Baby Gon' Get Paid

Congratulations Glen Davis, with your game-winning shot last night, you cemented the near certainty of some team paying handsomely for your 290-pound, 6-7 jump-shooting self. And don't get me wrong - you fully deserve it. You've stepped up better than anyone expected in place of KG, you've turned into a legitimately feared scorer when your team needs it most, and you're probably going to be marketable as hell for whoever (Memphis/Sacto/Cleveland/Portland) shells out a shit-ton of money for you this summer. We as Celtics fans greatly appreciate what you've given us the last two years, we'll miss you, and that shot last night was fucking money. And plowing over the Nick Hogan wannabe in the first row after draining the game-winner was similarly awesome.

That said, I wholeheartly disagree with Shaughnessy's assessment (though really, it's my fault for reading him) that the C's "reminded all that they are the defending NBA Champions" last night. Really CHB? Not making a field goal for 5+ minutes in the fourth quarter, getting a combined 2 points off the bench and getting an 0-5 night behind the arc from your best shooter is the "stuff of Champions?" Notsomuch. While Davis' shot was some fantastic drama in what was an epically back-and-forth game (with 16 ties and 17 lead changes), these Celtics still have plenty to work on if they want to move on to Cleveland. Ray Allen is shooting 2-24 from three in this series. Pierce, while he's seemed to turn the corner offensively in Orlando, still is getting into foul trouble every game. Nobody has stepped up defensively down low. Rondo's still looking inconsistent as hell.

If we learned anything from the Celtics-Bulls series, it's to expect the unexpected from this Celtics team in the playoffs. So to write off this series as "done" after Big Baby's shot last night is just irresponsible and downright dumb. The Magic can shoot, are confident and possess a significant advantage underneath. These things don't expect to change over the duration of this series.

But no matter whether the Celtics win or lose, we can always point to the Spring of '09 as the time when the Celtics, without their unquestioned leader, gave us a plethora of entertaining and competitive playoff games that kept us on the edge of our seats. I expect the next two or three games of this series to be no different.

A few other observations...

- Game 3 was disgusting. I refuse to talk about it, for fear of violating my parole.

- Eddie House was averaging 17ppg in this series heading into last night's game. He's been absolutely lethal, and the Magic have shown no ability to stop him. Allen's been downright putrid from behind the arc, and nobody else on the roster has shown the ability to consistently shoot from downtown. So in response to that...Doc plays him 17 minutes and gives him a grand total of ONE shot? WTF?

-Hedo Turkoglu is not only painfully ugly, but clearly hurt. He's been hesitant as hell to shoot threes, and he's not rebounding. The C's need to attack him more and exploit that ankle injury.

-I have developed a love affair with Courtney Lee over the last two games. The dude gets his sinus fractured (holyshitOW) and still comes back early and plays balls-to-the-wall. He's only going to get better, and the guy is absolutley fearless despite being a rookie. He wins my Joakim Noah Award for "Player on the other team that I'd want going to war for me."

-Separated at birth: Anthony Johnson and Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern show. Glad that Johnson has earned 14 years of paychecks in the NBA, because he ain't picking up chicks on his looks.

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ballamiguel said...

Celtics having no business winning that game = understatement of the century.

I think what CHB is getting at is that the C's, although, limping on fumes, are winning these sort of games largely from being playoff tested (see 2008 NBA Finals, Game 5).

Side note...young, fat ballboys should just get the hell outta the way: