Thursday, April 30, 2009

When Everything Is Going Right

Last night was one of those games that just appeared that the Sox were bound to lose. Jon Lester looked completely ineffective, hanging pitches to Kelly Shoppach and the Great White Hope Mark DeRosa, and allowing 5 ER in 6 innings. Fausto Carmona looked vintage 2007 ( before he tanked against the Sox in the ALCS), and continued to mix up his pitches, at one point going completely side arm to Mike Lowell. The Sox had two hits through the first five innings, and the idea of Jeff Bailey and Jonathan Van Every doing much of anything seemed like a distant dream.

But this isn't your typical Red Sox team. Remember, these Sox are never out of any game, hell they were down 8-0 to the Orioles two weeks ago and came back to win. Over the past two weeks it has been a different player who has shown they have Balls Made of Steel. Last night that Iron Clad Testicular Super Hero was Jonathan Van Every. Every who last year I had to ask Smarty Barrett who the fuck he was, had not one but TWO huge hits to complete an epic comeback against the Tribe. What better time to hit your first career home run then in extra innings? Welcome to Boston my friend, feel free to sleep with my sister and never call her back, you've earned it.

Watching this years Red Sox has been a completely different experience from teams in recent memory. Without Mannywood and the complete disappearance of Papi's power from a team that scored lots of runs via the middle of the lineup to one dispersed from 1-9. And to finally have a team with organizational depth that can handle Rocco's mitochondrial ouchies, and Dice Ks WBC destroyed arm is reassuring and helps me to sleep at night without the help of Nyquill. And doesn't it feel nice to have the best bullpen in baseball, and we don't have to deal with heaping piles of terribleness like Cleveland, NY and Baltimore? Up next we have the 8-14 Rays, who haven't shown much of anything after their first series with the Sox, please for the love of Chirst don't let them back into the division hunt. SWEEP THEM.


Shaun said...

Fun fact: Van Every was a Cleveland minor leaguer for like seven years.

nfsffw said...

The rays series would be a great time for Papi to rediscover his power stroke, I think he's close. I like that he's been hitting the other way, he's seeing the ball and just needs to get a tad more bat speed now. TB's pitching staff has been average at best, Sonnanstine and Garza in particular are struggling and Kazmir's ERA is 5+.
Their bats have been pretty cold with the exception of Longoria, Bartlett and sometime starter Zobrist.
Now is the time to step on their necks and show them the what for Boyz!

In short, Fuck the Rays.

nfsffw said...

That whole Garza struggling thing. Yaeh, um, never mind.
I hope nobody jinxes his perfect game.