Monday, April 27, 2009

What'd I Miss?

Good morning everyone, I am back. For the past week I was basking in the awesome glow of the Mediterranean Sea and living it up in Barcelona. I'll probably post more about this experience later, but I wanted to check in with the Hysterics and see how things went over the past week....

* The Red Sox are still playing sub .500 baseball right? Have they figured out what the hell to do with Mike Lowell sucking up the middle of the lineup? And have the Sox finally put Jacoby Ellsbury at the bottom of the lineup yet? How long can they let a guy hitting .200 suck up the top spot? How did the series with the Yanks go? Did Joba shut us down and Texeira go apeshit against our pitching?

* How's the weather been? Still fucking feel like winter?

* I totally missed the entire four game of the Celtics playoffs. Did we sweep? I mean how can a team run by a rookie point guard, and starting Joakim "my main positive attribute is I scream alot" Noah actually beat the defending the World Champions? I mean even without KG, Pierce and Allen mopped the floor with them right? Who are we playing in the second round?

* After scaring the ever loving shit out of me in Game 1, did the Canadiens and Bruins trade off wins all week? It wouldn't be like the Bruins- Habs to have three blowouts over the week right?

* I had this weird dream about the Golden Girls last night.....Bea Arthur is doing ok right?

* Holy crap I missed the draft. How does Clay Matthews look in a Patriots uniform? And Belichick got us another CB to compliment Ellis Hobbs right? What kind of big deal did Bill make? Is Julius Peppers finally a Patriot?

* Just checking in on this, I assume BJ Raji was drafted early, but where did my boy Ron Brace end up? HE IS WHERE??????????????????????????????????????????????


Anonymous said...

I remember, after that blog you guys posted on the dirt dogs site going nuts overthe 2-6 start, that we'd "probably win 10 games in a row"....yeahhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

BTW, nice pic of you there hanging out in Spain. Hope your trip was everything you hoped for.

HZMLS said...

Please, I dressed like a complete slob. I'll address European fashion at a later point. Think Women with partial mohawks, mullets, and men that would make the dudes from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy slobber.

GHABB,Y~! said...

Between trying to watch the entire draft, the double OT c's game, the four-hour sox game and also last night's sox game, i feel like a sports crackhead this morning.

Rocco said...

@Ghabb,y~!: Pussy. You left out all the hockey games, plus an ass load of baseball games on HD channels I didn't even know I had.


Raquel said...

Hey, here's an idea: if the only thing you can contribute to a comment thread is calling one of our editors a pussy, perhaps you, like, shouldn't comment.

GHABB,Y~! said...

Rocco, it was mostly the draft that drained my lifeforce. Now that waterboarding has been made illegal, we need to show prospective terrorists ten-hour blocks of Mel Kiper.

In a possibly related story, I think I just took a ten-pound poop. Is it normal for your left foot to feel pins and needles whilst deucing?