Thursday, April 9, 2009

Special Event: Holy Thursday Red Sox Live Blog

So ya'll as some of you know I work in a Catholic Institution (no not BC), and because today is some sort of God Holiday, I get out of work obnoxiously early. What might I do with my free time you might ask? How about sit in front of my computer! Because I love you the Hysterics more than life itself, I am going to liveblog the game today! So if you can't watch the game because you work for a secular business, trust your favorite Boston Sports Blog to give you the run down on todays game. Today the Sox play the Rays in the Rubber Game, with Dice K facing off against last years ALCS hero Matt Garza. Live Blog starts at 1!

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Shaun said...

This is the one we can join in on, or is this just you and your mad rambling?