Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey, There Was a Baseball Game Yesterday!

One down, 161 to go. And honestly, yesterday's game was everything I want from this team this year. Like, I want yesterday to happen 161 more times. Excellent starting pitching, solid relief work, lineup hitting top to bottom (almost...I'm looking at you, Jacoby!), and of course, me in attendance.

I got to my seats during the anthem, and since I was in the bleachers, I didn't have a great view of Kennedy and Rice throwing out the first pitch, so I wheeled around and caught it on the big screen. After that, besides the weather, it was an awesome game. Pedroia going deep, Drew, Lowell, and Bay all raking, Varitek going deep. VARITEK GOING DEEP! It happened, I saw it! But the story of the game had to be Beckett. Talk about mid-season form - he handled a pretty tough Rays lineup with ease. He was clocking at around 93-94 for the entire game, and believe me, it was cold out there. Oki and Masterson combined for a minor hiccup, but Papelbon did what he does, and the Sox are now on pace to go 162-0. And speaking of on pace, let's have a look-see, shall we?

*Jason Varitek is on pace to hit 130 HR.

*The Red Sox pitching staff as a whole is on pace to finish with 2106 strikeouts.

*Carlos Pena is on pace to strike out 648 times.

*Hideki Okajima is on pace to give up 108 earned runs.

*Josh Beckett is on pace to finish the season with 300 more K's than CC Sabathia.

And hey, speaking of Sabathia, let's have a look at his full projected line.

Hey, awesome! Yankee fans must be thrilled!

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