Monday, April 20, 2009

Greetings from Spain

Hello or Hola everyone, this is HZMLS and I am going to try to post something here in Spain. I say try because I am on a spanish keyboard and the QWERTY letters are all over the place displaced by bastard letters such as ñ Ç and ¿. Also I wanted to paste this next sentence lower in the post, but I can´t read a lick of spanish and the entire IE is set up in Catalyan. Happy Patriots Day, please drink an extra Sam Adams for me today. Right now I am in Barcelona visiting the sister of my fiance, who is studying abroad. Because we are saving for the biggest money syphon, a wedding, we decided that staying in a hostel would be the cheapest way to travel. We got a private room which is pretty sweet, though the white in the towels are now gray. In the hostel on our floor we have four loud frenchman, three irritating spaniards and some others I haven´t met, and who didn´t bother me at all last nigt because I split a picture of Sangria with the wifey....right before the bottle of wine....and some Spanish beer. I decided to write this post because I wanted to let you know about the place we ate dinner. The bartender noticed we are American and checked my ID when I used my CC. He was like Oh your from Massachusetts too, the Red Sox are playing like shit this year huh¿ Seems like our sports teams reputations preceed ourselves. Enjoy the marathon!


GHABB,Y~! said...

I want an upside down question mark key on my keyboard NOW.

ballamiguel said...

If I didn't love Barcelona as much as I do, I would've told you to kick that bartender's ass. Or if you were really feeling ballsy, tell him Barcelona FC fucks goats.

Anonymous said...

The family thinks it is great that you can blog during your trip, but no time to call your mother. Red Sox blew the O's out the wadah today! 12-1 love ya!