Monday, April 20, 2009

Celtics/Bulls Game 1: Derrick Rose is Positively Terrifying

As you're all probably aware by now (unless you were drunk all weekend, in which case, huzzah and Happy Hangover Day), the C's lost Game 1 on Saturday to the Bulls, 106-105. But it wasn't even that they lost that disturbs me as much as how they lost.

But let me first give credit where credit is due. Derrick Rose was reeediculous on Saturday. Against the best defensive PG in the league, Rose did whatever he wanted. He slashed to the hoop with ease. He dished. He consistently made his jumpers. Derrick Rose had one of the best playoff performances in recent memory in his first playoff game ever. And let's not forget, he's only 20 years old. He's not even old enough to drink. He's only going to get better, and I foresee an NBA years from now where he, Chris Paul and Ricky Rubio redefine what everyone once thought of the point guard position.

Will Rose's put up 36 and 11 in every game this series? Probably not. Neither will Joakim Noah (the bastard son of my Gator love) grab 17 rebounds or Tyrus Thomas sink three more clutch jumpers. But it's what allowed these youngsters to have these career-highlight performances that disturbed me. Stuff like Allen's 1-12 shooting night, or Pierce's missed free throw or only making 3-17 from three - those are all things which I think will correct themselves, and soon.

But the C's had larger problems on Saturday, those which portend to long-term troubles. The C's couldn't get back on defense. They couldn't make shots when it counted. They couldn't close out a young team when they had a lead. Those were more disturbing, and less fixable. The Bulls didn't just win on Saturday, they made the Celtics look old, slow and unprepared to defend their championship.


shaun said...

It was 105-103, actually.

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