Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celtics-Bulls Game 2: Ray Allen's Ginormous Balls

Okay, as part of my New Year's resolution to be less of a miserly douchebag, first the good: RAY ALLEN HAS BALLS OF STEEL. Ray-Ray, as I predicted, broke out of his six-quarter slump and went into straight-up Jesus Shuttlesworth mode last night in the second half, going for 28 points in the half and draining every clutch shot imaginable, including the game-winner. That dude is money, and his jumper is so pretty that classical music plays in my head every time he goes to shoot. Throw in Rondo's triple-double, Big Baby's 26-point night and the team's 21 offensive rebounds, and last night was an excellent offensive performance against a very tough opponent.

Note that I said OFFENSIVE. Because on defense, the C's have suddenly decided over the last two games to suck it down the shaft, all the way to the balls. Look, I understand that KG being out would greatly affect the defense, but I figured that the loss of the team's star power forward would hurt, say, perhaps, the team's interior defense? Sadly, that hasn't been the case. Instead, we've been toasted by the Bulls' guards - either Ben Gordon shooting out on the perimeter, or Derrick Rose slashing to the hoop. KG's absence has nothing to do with Ben Gordon putting up 42 last night, that was all on the perimeter D. Defense was how the C's won 66 games and the championship last year, but in these playoffs, it's the defense that's been absolutely killing them.

But a win's a win, and the C's at least earned a split at home before heading into Chicago. As for their fate in the Second City? The Celtics are tied for the second best road record in the league, just behind the Lakers. They pretty much shut down Derrick Rose last night, and have kept Salmons under wraps the entire series. Perk and Big Baby have more than made up for KG's absence. But the Bulls are also 15 games better at home than on the road this year, and they seem to have adopted a "playing with house money" attitude that is serving them quite well. Literally no outcome would shock me at this point for the two Chicago games. This has quickly turned into a series between two teams with noticeable flaws, but just enough balls to overcome them.

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