Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

The NCAA Championship went on last night, with tons of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird crap to immortalize the MSU-ISU 1979 Championship game. The actual 2009 Championship game was far less interesting, with UNC beating the snot out of Michigan State all game. There you have it, an ACC did win the tournament, and hopefully that answers the question "Is the ACC full of frauds." Of course I can bask in all of this championship hoopla because Boston College beat UNC at the beginning of the year, on their own court. So in a convulated, warped sense in my head BC is the National Champs. Well the National Champs who lost to Harvard, St. Louis and got embarrassed by USC in the first round of the tournament. But enough about college sports, lets talk about something even more irrelevant, FANTASY SPORTS! How did the tournament challenge end up? Well let's just say your editors did really really shitty:

Well there is always the fantasy baseball league right?


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Now it's time for the Frozen Four. Go Bemidji Go!

Gweemus said...

Yay for me! That I won even though I picked Washington to go all the way to the finals is sort of incredible, actually. Incredibly lucky.

Rocco said...

Hell yes, the Frozen Four is way better. And seeing that I didn't watch a single college basketball game all year, I guess 3rd place isn't bad.