Friday, April 3, 2009

Breakfast with BJ Raji

Yo man. Itz ya boi BJ Raji here too do the mornin' brekfest post here at Mass Hisstairia. So ya mite have hurd the newz last nite that I fayls my drug tests at NFL Combined. Ok, look, hear it iz, too weaks be4 the Combined I wuz chillin' wit' my boyz over in da Mods, and well we got offfoured sum of the primest ganj this side of Jamaker. Look at me, do I seam like a guy dat wood turn down anyting? HELLZ NAW MAN! I took dat spliff and ripped four puffs of that faster dan a catolick girl give me dat asshole. Aw man, no wut I culd use right now? Bout like two dozen eggs, mixxed wit a lil budda and sum cheez. Now da NFL is sayin' dat I iz a drug abuser, fuck dat. Take a look at my pickure, I ain't eva touch da 'roids, you know wut I'm sayin? Da only drug I uz is dat sticky icky, and maybe a little of the Crispy Kreme downuts. Chayeah!!!! Man, dis hole insindent is pissin' me off. I wastid a hole yeer here at BC cuz I fuckin' failed all my classes, and the fuckin' dean gave me no brake! Cum on, did I reelly come here to study, or wuz it for the Eagle Deli Challenge? FUCKING 5 pounds of Beef and 5 pounds of frys? OH MAN, no doubt, specially after some of dat sticky icky. OOH WEE, PUT IT IN DA AIR. Fuck da NFL, they need me, give me dat Vins Wilfouk monies! Aiight, I'm outta hear, my boi is weightin 4 me, wear he at?

Hey BJ, You wanna get high???

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GHABB,Y~! said...

Chestnut Hill has the stickiest of the icky.