Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why You Should Never Listen to the Draft Pundits

Jackson, one of the three times he was actually in uniform

On Chad Jackson:

Mel Kiper Jr.
"WR Chad Jackson was a nice pick in the second round and could have gone in the middle of the first. "

Riiight, and I could have banged the captain of the cheerleading squad. (I'm sure I could now, but whats the fun in that, even the mentally disabled janitor has gotten a ride). Maybe enough teams saw that Jackson didn't have what it took to make it to the next level. If only the Lions gave up three future 2nd round picks to the Pats so they could swoop in and grab Jackson. Just imagine a WR Corp of Charlie Rogers, Chad Jackson and Mike Williams. Matt Millen's heart just skipped a beat.

Todd McShay during a live blog:
undefined: Who is going to be the steal of the second round? Its ahsping up that there are going to be a lot of good players there.

SportsNation Scouts, Inc's Todd McShay: At this point it could be any of the following should they fall: OT Winston Justice, WR Chad Jackson, DC Jimmy Williams and RB DeAngelo Williams.

By steal you mean taking a high 2nd round pick and flushing it down the toilet right? Just close your eyes and imagine this: In most of these pundits draft recaps, they all thought Jackson would be a better wide receiver than Santonio Holmes. Yeah the one with the big dick.


A terrific prospect with an ever-improving game, Jackson showed signs of dominance as a junior then went on to have an outstanding combine. Moved himself into the first 30 selections and could develop into a No. 1 receiver at the next level.

Number 1 receiver? And by signs of dominance, you assumed that would translate into "oft injured, lazy malcontent who never showed flashes of anything in the pros right? Look all this post is showing is that Mel, Todd and every other guy who works for less than a month for a sports news outlet, probably knows about as little about draft prospects as you and I. Listening to them gnash their teeth on the air, over and over again with Risers and Fallers, and sleepers and what not, you know what that all is? BULLSHIT. Really the NFL draft is a dice game, you win some you lose some, and its all guess work. If you don't want to believe me, read what they SI.com had to say on Brodie Croyle:

Underrated: Brodie Croyle, Alabama
Considering how much emphasis the NFL puts on arm strength, you'd think they'd be falling all over themselves for this guy. Croyle has a gun (just ask the Florida secondary). His mechanics are impeccable and his natural leadership abilities had a great deal to do with the Tide jumping out to a 9-0 start last season.