Friday, March 6, 2009

Why My Team Deserves to Make It: BC Eagles

With selection Sunday just over a week away, there is much talk of teams on the proverbial "bubble." Coincidentally, three of those teams are Smarty Barrett's URI Rams, HZMLS' BC Eagles, and GHABBY's Florida Gators. With that, we're going to have each Hysteric tell you why their team deserves to make it into the NCAA Tournament. This is Part 2 of 3.

Look I don't even know why I'm in this discussion because its obvious BC is better than both of these teams. Yes I understand that we lost to Harvard, and St. Louis, but losing to terrible college is just part of the BC tradition. We do it in academics, we do it in football, and by gosh we do it in basketball. But you know what the other tradition BC has is? Beating teams that they have no business beating.

Lets look at Exhibit A: the University of North Carolina. Stupidly predicted by many to go this entire season undefeated, most (including myself) gave BC less than a zero percentage chance of beating them at Chapel Hill. Not only did BC out hustle, and show a tenacity for the big moments, but they exposed UNC as the frauds they are. Watching the shocked look on Tyler Hands-Braw's face will be something I never forget. Still that being said they did go on the road and beat the #1 ranked team in the country. THIS IS THE SAME TEAM THAT LOST TO HARVARD. Exhibit B: Dick Vitale's DUKIE BLUE DEVILS BABY! Supposedly the best shooting team in the country, filled with more white players than the 1937 Cincinnati NoNegroes. At the time they were #4 in the country, and proceeded to get beat by BC. YES THE SAME TEAM THAT LOST TO HARVARD.

Strength of Schedules: BC 47, Florida 83, Rhode Island 118. Yes, URI has an SOS of 118, but oh they beat up um Dayton? Temple? Penn State? Doesn't exactly look like the caliber of wins that BC has, because well NONE OF THOSE TEAMS ARE RANKED. You play in the A10 whoopdee friggin' doo, were any of Rhody's games ever televised? On ESPN? no On ESPN2? No, on ESPNU no, how the hell are you supposed to watch this team if no one covers them?!?!?! Florida plays in the SEC, which is a complete joke this year, with no team with a higher RPI than 35. So honestly, there can't be any BIG wins in your conference, when your entire conference is made of interchangeable mediocre teams that just beat on each other. But Florida did beat Washington so you do get a pat on the back.

BC is full of players that no one else wanted, and Al Skinner uses his demonic powers to make them superstars. Look at Craig Smith, Jared Dudley and Sean Marshall, all players no D1 Teams wanted, but two are making millions and another is making probably even more money in Turkey. Another reason to like BC? They are full of young talent. Tyrese Rice and Waste-of-a-Uniform-Except-for-the-Duke-Game Tyler Roche are the only seniors, the rest of the team are sophomores and juniors. If ya like Youts, and a team that beats on ESPN's wet dreams Duke and UNC then the BC Eagles are the team for you. But do we really need your support, fuck no, our resume speaks volumes. Well except for that loss to Harvard.

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