Monday, March 16, 2009

The Unholy Union Has Begun

Peter King, our newest unwelcome visitor, made some predictably awful observations about our fair city in his Monday Morning Quarterback column today. For example, did you know that there isn't a Starbucks within eight blocks of his apartment? Or that people in the South End really love their dogs? Or that the Patriots have lost "their heart and soul" by jettisoning Mike Vrabel, Larry Izzo and (probably) Rodney Harrison (despite the three being a combined 103 years old)?

But King's most egregious, and dangerous comment came late in his "Things I think I think" - a statement which could signal the journalistic equivalent of Spencer Pratt meeting Heidi Montag:

"I'm really going to like reading Dan Shaughnessy every day. I like how he revels in high school sports."

PK Shaughnessy

The reign of terror has begun. Don't say that I didn't warn all of you.

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J said...

Curt Schilling just shit.