Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Troy Brown's Secret Heartache

It's just another reason to hate the local sports media.

While the WEEI morons continue to propose trades along the lines of Mike Lowell for Matt Wieters straight up ("The Orioles would totally do this, alright? Melvin Mora is terrible at third, alright? You tellin' me that they don' need a 3B, alright? If Theo, okay, if Theo doesn't do this deal, he should be FIAHED."), and the late-night sports reporters who still have jobs talk incessantly about the fading Bruins and the injuries to the Celtics, a local hero's family tragedy goes unreported.

I'm talking of course about former Patriot jack-of-all-trades Troy Brown, and his son SaanJay, who was tragically born without a face.

It's hard to even imagine the incessant taunts poor little SaanJay must face at school: "Eraserhead", "Kid Without A Face", "Facelessy McGee". And sadly, there is no known cure for facelessness syndrome.

One can only hope that poor little SaanJay wordlessly hugged his dad for bringing him to the Gillette Stadium field -- which he will never see, because he has no eyes -- so that he can at least touch the sight of his father's many triumphs. No defensive back could possibly put up the challenge that Troy and his family must face every day.

Troy Brown has a son who spells out the word "courage," 24 hours a day. I love little SaanJay Brown. And I'd like all of you to love him too. And so tonight, if you're a Patriot fan, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him.

Oh, and ask him to love Brian Piccolo, too, who was tragically gunned down in a Long Island tollbooth after ordering the whacking of Bruno Tattaglia.


HZMLS said...


You are wrong on this whole thing. The kid was born with a face, he is just excessively hairy, being the spawn of Troy Brown and the WolfWoman.

ballamiguel said...

It could be worse...