Monday, March 30, 2009

One Rams Fan Still Cant Let Super Bowl XXXVI Go

Sorry for my complete disappearance over the last week, work has kicked my ass, and my free time has been dedicated to Midget Wrestling, calligraphy, and learning the art of Thai cooking. When I did have a moment of leisure I was doing my usual, lets dick around on the internet and see where it takes me. Usually this takes me to an exotic porn site, that involves three Brazilian women and a Sumo Wrestler, but not last night. For the first time in a while I did not find a video with cucumber penetration, but let's be honest Smarty Barrett found the Rams video. Not satisfied enough with the bullshit "taped walkthrough" charges, this St. Louis douchebag watched the Super Bowl over again, and found every single uncalled penalty against the Patriots. Watching this is great because if you are a fan of physical football, you see what the other end of the spectrum is. Oh no he hit Isaac Bruce, waaaaahhhhhh, you can't do that. Oh my god, Kurt Warner got sacked, that's a late hit! You can't touch Marshall Faulk like that, he is the NFL's leading rusher! Look "PatriotsCheatedVideo" the Rams played football like a bunch of powderpuff cheerleaders dressed in blue and gold uniforms, they were soft, and the Patriots beat the shit out of them.

This video is completely random, and I have no idea what drove me to post it, but here it is. There really isn't much going on in football right now, unless you want to talk mindless Draft Drivel, but Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have that covered. I really wish I had the time this asshole had to make my own video, because I have been piecing together a illicit video of a string of illegal hits by Osi Umeniyore and Michael Strahan.

PS- Sign Jason Taylor.

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