Monday, March 30, 2009

My Sense of Humor, Like Warm Weather, Is Slowly Returning

And so, it would appear, is that of Jack Edwards.

Throughout February and most of March, the Bruins have given us little to laugh, smile, or do anything other than slowly pluck out our eyelashes and light them ceremoniously on fire about. The past 7 games, however, have been a refreshing return to form, as our boys have gone 5-1-1 and are slowly beginning to look like a "playoffs team" as opposed to "a bunch of dipshits on roller skates chasing an errant grape around a tiled kitchen floor" once again. This is thanks in large part to the inspired play of deadline acquisition Mark Recchi, who has racked up 7 points (including 2 goals against Toronto on Saturday) in his last 5 games after a slow start for the Bruins. IT IS NOT IN ANY WAY THANKS TO OUR GOALTENDING. GUHHH. Anyway, there have been a number of spectacular performances over the last couple of weeks, including:
  • 3 assists a piece for Matt Hunwick and Dennis Wideman in Saturday's barn-burner
  • 3 assists for David Krejci in last night's win over Philadelphia
  • A clutchtacular win over the irritatingly good Devils
  • 7 points (3G 4A) in the last 5 games from Michael Ryder, who may not ultimately reach the 70 points I promised this season but who is certainly within striking distance of the 30-goal plateau from his earlier days of glory
We're 7 points up on Washington and 8 points up on New Jersey with 7 games to go (Tampa Bay, Ottawa, NY Rangers, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo, NY Islanders). Things are looking good... and so, sayeth Jack Edwards, we deserve a chuckle. Please observe, if you will, the fine commentary following a Milan Lucic hit on Randy Jones below. BOO HOO, PHILADELPHIA. It seems the so-called Broad Street Bullies can't handle a little physical play.


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

It's not thanks to Manny's goaltending. It IS thanks in large part to Thomas's. 45 saves? yes please.

Raquel said...

45 saves against Philadelphia = yay. That 3rd period meltdown against Pittsburgh = oh god.

shaun said...

Payback's a bitch re: Jones. I laughed about as hard as Edwards. Jones wasn't even on the boards when he got hit. The hit drove him into the board.

ballamiguel said...

Nice little shove. I've read quite a few articles saying that the hit was "potentially season ending", vicious, etc. Let's face it, the majority of solid hits in hockey are POTENTIALLY season ending.

Do people really think that a hockey player looking to check an opposing player at 30mph says to himself "Oh jeez, I hope I don't break his neck!" ? Truth be told, I'm sure there are ways to check so as to NOT hurt someone, but accidents do happen.