Monday, March 16, 2009

Mass Hysteria Presents: Fun With Algebra

Professor HZMLS is here to teach you some basic Boston based Algebra problems. So kiddies get out your notebooks, your calculator or abacus, and memorize these simple problems and their solutions:


That is Nick Green, in case you were wondering

With a Remainder of:


Boatdrinks said...

I am watching Travel Channel and Dhani Jones. He is Muay Thai fighting. He is craazy. Do we want a crazy Patriot?

nfsffw said...

I absolutely love Julius, the guy is a disruptive force on every play. As my girlfriend is from Charlotte, I have to watch this team play every week except when the Pats are on... Peppers and Steve Smith keep me from comitting Harry Carey.
Just who IS this 34th pick in the draft?? Fucker must be The AWESOME, so far he's been traded for Cassel and Vrabel, and now is rumored going to Carolina in this deal. I still can't believe we didn't go Cassel for Julius straight up, but what do I know except for I'm apparently stuck watching DelHomme for another miserable year.
So anyone else thinking we might be getting someone, say, Larry Johnson, Anthony Gonzales, or both from KC for a pick on draft day? There has to be something more (besides Julius) comming our way, right?

nfsffw said...

It is early here, and I can't seem to spel. :(