Monday, March 9, 2009

In Place of Breakfast, HZMLS Rants About Spring Training and the WBC

In the interest of preventing commenter Rocco from having a brain aneurysm, I will not complain about the snow this morning. Even though it was 60 degrees yesterday and I was wearing flip flops on Saturday. Instead I will talk about spring baseball, because hell there are two groups of games going on: the World Baseball Classic, and Spring Training. I can't decide which games are more meaningless, the game created by baseball to force some sort of nationalistic bullshit, or the worthless exhibition games.

I tried really hard to watch a WBC game last night. The US was taking on Venezuela at the Sky Dome. There is a myriad of reasons why this game sucked balls. One, Steve Phillips was announcing it. He is insufferable to listen to, probably because while listening to him I hear a voice in my head yelling "YOU WERE A TERRIBLE GM, YOU HAVE NO BASEBALL INSIGHT, SHUT UP" At one point he was rambling on about how surprised he was that Jimmy Rollins was starting over the revered Derek Jeter, and he actually tried to claim that Captain Calm Eyes had an arm comparable to Rollins. Head asplodes. Secondly, no one was even at the stadium to watch the game. Seriously, there must have been five to ten thousand people there (and half of them were people waving Venezuela flags) so if people don't care enough to see this event live, why should I care? Finally as a Sox fan I think the only reason I watched the damn game was to pray that Youkilis and Pedroia don't get hurt. I fell asleep by the fourth inning. There is already an opportunity to see nations battle it out, its called the fucking Olympics.

On the other hand there is Spring Training. I admit before the Sox won the World Series, I was captivated by these games. Awaiting Pedro and Manny's inevitable late arrivals to camp, watching the newly signed players, and praying to god that this would be the group that finally ended the drought. Call it malaise, or maybe a stronger interest in teams that are actually playing games that matter, but Spring Training is on the bottom of the list of things to do, right next to file my taxes and clean my car. With few exceptions we all know how this roster is going to look, and there probably won't be any surprises. So do I really want to watch some dude that is going to spend the entire season playing ball in AA pitch to a career minor leaguer? Hell 2 da naw. Look at some of these names that played yesterday: Zach Dagaes, Ivan Ochoa, Carlos Maldonado, Hunter Jones and Argenis Diaz. Yeah, I'd love to watch them play.

Both the WBC and ST are just utterly pointless exhibition games that are only going to appeal to a strictly baseball enthusiast. You must be really desperate for baseball to watch either of these games. How can you watch this shit, when there is tournament basketball, NBA basketball, and (gulp) hockey on? Question for the Hysterics: Am I right, or am I right?

Oh yeah, Jon Lester also signed a very team friendly 5 year deal.


Pepster said...

As someone who lives in a town which hosts spring training baseball, I must tell you that it is absolutely phenomenal. Cut out of work early, sit in the sun, watch some baseball (or almost baseball, if most of the stars are held out) and have a brew. Nothing like it, especially given that most real games are held at night.

SmartyBarrett said...

Um, Zach Dagaes is fucking AWESOME.
With a capital AWESOME.
Watch out for this dude, for serious.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Don't you be gulping at my hockey.

ballamiguel said...

HZMLS I'm sure, in some remote region of your anti-WBC psyche, you were surprised when the friggin NETHERLANDS beat the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC en un partido del beisbol. A-Rod or no A-Rod, that has to be rather embarrassing for the mango tree dwellers.

I enjoy the WBC, and any sport where USA can potentially kick some ass. I wasn't up at 4am to watch Korea vs Chinese Taipei, but I've been following it.

It is also very popular with Puerto Ricans.

HZMLS said...

"you were surprised when the friggin NETHERLANDS beat the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC "

didn't hear about it, still don't care.

Boatdrinks said...

I enjoyed a Spring Training game while on vacation in AZ a few years back. But I can't watch it on tv now.
WBC: Bud Selig came up with it. Blah.
LESTER! Woo hooo.
Love tournament and NCAA bball so I am with you.