Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glen Davis and His Beautiful Nails to Face the Nets Tonight

There is no way to properly describe this picture, other rather effeminate and bizarre. With the injury to KG, and with Scal thinking he is somewhere in the 14th century, Glen Davis is your starting PF. And yes that is Davis getting his nails did at a salon in Waltham. He seems to be trading stories with the women about the latest incident on Days of Our Lives. Wait, this is the same player that should be battling for rebounds, with brutes like Tim Duncan and Amare Stoudamire right? Word on the streets says that Davis chose a nice lemon zest yellow for his nails, and a vibrant lavender for his toes. If you want to hear about Glen "Large Offspring" Davis's day, you can read all about it in the Boston Globe today. Suffice to say his day started off poorly when he missed breakfast, which he metaphorically rebounded from by eating three breakfasts in a row at the local diner.

In case you all didn't know the Celtics will be playing the Nets tonight in the seething wastelands of East Rutherford to face the NJ Nets. If the Celtics are lucky enough to make it to the game without getting shot to death, this will be the third time the two have faced off this year, with the Green winning both. Previously the Celtics won with the aid of Garnett, but instead Gorgeous Nails will be in the starting lineup tonight. Also back in the NBA is my boy Sean Williams, off his time tanking it up on purpose in the DLeague and telling BC police to "Fuck Off". For some reason playing like shit against inferior talent is enough of a reason for the Nets to promote Williams, and give him more minutes than before. Maybe he will show up to tonights game, but then again maybe he will just get a little high.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Making fun of New Jersey. How original. Is there ANYTHING original in Boston?!?!?!?

Boatdrinks said...

Wow, you can only read one sentence out of all of those? Have you been to the arena area? Is is not a wasteland?
Anyways, I am no longer on the bandwagon for Glen Baby. I have been off for a while, and anyone with a nickname Glen Baby should have warned me that he might not be that ... umm... manly and adult like.
That is all.

I LOVE YOU said...