Monday, March 9, 2009


Gawdamn! Just when I was starting to get used to this winning shit, I get more teammates going down than the French Army. First KG sprains his knee, which was some shit, because that motherfucker is the only guy we have that's taller than 6'9 and not named "Mikki." Then the goofy white dude gets three concussions in a month. Last time I saw a dude get three concussions in a month, which means he's going to kill his wife and kid before hanging himself on a weight machine. And now we've got Rondo and Fatty both getting sprained ankles within 48 hours of each other, causing both to miss time. This shit is ridiculous.

I've chipped two front teeth and come back and played in the same game. I've had shards of glass go completely through my shoe and foot, and not missed any time. I've played through more sprained ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders and backs than I can remember. Oh, and I was FUCKING STABBED IN THE NECK AND LUNG and still came back and played 82 games.

Look, I understand getting hurt. My body has taken more punishment than Abdullah the Butcher's forehead. I've earned frequent flier miles at Mass General. But I've played through all of it, while you pussies miss games with sprained knees or ankles or vaginas. Man the fuck up and play. Or I'll have Scalabrine kill you along with his wife and kid.


Boatdrinks said...

Yea, and don't say I won't do it. Cause I will.
Unless this is a page from the Popovich school of playoff readiness routines that is.

Shaun said...

This post contains the truth! (Pun there, whether intended or not).

I've heard people saying let's rest KG, and give Paul a few games off, and settle for #2 in the East. We'll blow past someone in the first round (at this posting it would be Philly, then on to Orlando/Detroit, unless NBA is doing the highest team left/lowest team left thing now)...regardless, it would end up being us and Cleveland in the ECF. Cleveland is 28-1 at home. TWENTY-FUCKING-EIGHT and ONE. Do we really want to be there for a Game 7?