Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drunk Post: Holy Balls Memphis Almost Losted

Hay im purdy drunk and shit and its only ofur thurdy. AMURRRICA. Vacation days are awesome. I went to hooters and the waitressuss had severe dadd issues and there were two interviewing and they too looked like they haded theyr dads. Hootrs is awesome cause they dont question how much you had to drink, they just keep feeding you big IPAs cause they dont have "self esteeem" to tell them otherwise. In a related storry i have no idea how I got home, but I didd. Memphs almost lost and I almost pissed all over myseff, but they endd up winng and yay cause I had them winng the whoe thing. I AM FROM THE ISLE OF MAN, I AM UNDEFEADDD. Anywayss Hooterssss is awesm and you should go cause wings are greattt and they serve you drinks and stuff casue uf they hate theyr dads and theyd probably cry when theyd blow you cause it wud remind them of blowing daddy. Whatever, you can call me dqaddy all you want baby. AWEWSOME. Wings rule, beer rules, im gonna tanke a nap.

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dAndy ManCandy said...

Sounds like a good tlime to me.